Chaos Portal Podcast


Welcome to the Chaos Portal Podcast!

History of the Portal:

Long ago, a Gnome mage and a Goblin warlock worked together in secret in an attempt to create a new way to travel around. As their project neared the final stage, the seriously strained relationship between the two erupted and the Mage portaled back home. Unfortunately, he did this on top of the runes the Goblin had carved into the machine and caused a catastrophic release of conflicting magics within the machine. After the resulting magic storm subsided, both the Goblin and Gnome had been sucked into the machine and there swirling at it’s center, was a seething wave of chaotic magics. Thus, the Chaos Portal was born. When things enter, it is unknown where or even when they will come back out. And to further frustrate those who attempt to study and use this strange device, it sometimes randomly spits out things from other dimensions and realities!