Episode 10: A Rogue Becomes Her!


Love is in the Air (Blizzard Event)
Preparing to kill a King (Blizzard news)
Blizzard Sale! Get wow with Mop for $35! (Blizzard Store!)
5.0 raids go X-realm! (Twitter Post)
5.2 Currency Changes! (Blizzard News)

Looking for a guild in style! (Forums Post)
Choosing your Dailies in 5.2 (WoW insider Article)

Whiney Room Topics:
My Boyfriend is a Clicker! (Forums Post)

Contact info for our guest:

Reb – @tankthatreb l youtube.com/tankthatreb l www.twizzcast.com

Spotlight Creative Commons Music:
Artist: Nürnberg Trial  Freedom Ride
URL: http://www.myspace.com/nurnbergtrial

Background music for our intro was written and performed by Artist Chris Pelka, you can find more of his work on his soundcloud at: https://soundcloud.com/chris-pelka

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