Episode 15 : A WoW GoldMaker’s Tale.



For the ..? <forums>

Things you are just now noticing.. <forums> – 2 Left Doors @ Shrine of Seven Stars http://i.imgur.com/8psd6ef.jpg

An Amazing ToT Meme ^_^ <forums>

The Meme

Why is Lei Shen.. <Forums>

Internet and Video Game Safetey <ATA Article>

Patch 5.3 <Blizzard Posts>

Item upgrades <Blizzard Post>

Hearthstone! <Blizzard News>

Elvine Noticed by the Blues! <EU Forums>


Whiney Room Topics:

My first and last rant. <forums>

Blizzard WTH.. Too much Trash <Forums>

Being a Jerk an important part of gaming <forums>


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