News Flash!! May 31, 2013

This is a big news update for the Chaos Portal!

Item one on the agenda, site redesign. Final pieces are falling into place and the site will be undergoing maintenance this weekend for it’s updated look and feel! New artwork as well as a few new sections will be added, as well as a couple of sections getting a new look.

Among the new sections will be a split in the show. Kat is leaving the WoW Portal Podcast and will be the main host of the Rift Portal Podcast. That’s right folks, the chaos portal has sprung up in Telara to bring all it’s in-sanity to the rift community.

New logo was worked on by Legracen and finalized by Krhainos, so keep your eye on the birdy.

Also coming up is a new live interface for our live recordings. Hardware is nearing completion for this, though it might not make it into the site change rolling out this weekend, it will be in place before our next show!

And a final parting note, voting for the new segments to the show will be closed on jun 10th. Remember you can vote anonymously, and you can vote for more than one. Top two will be making the cut! Vote here.

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