Blizzard Anounces new FLEX raiding!

This morning Blizzard posted a news blog announcing a new feature to World of Warcraft. This new Flexible Raiding gives players the option to take  raid team between 10-25 and have the raid auto-scale appropriately to the number of raid party members.

Also in this feature is the ability to use battle tags for cross-realm raiding! Don’t have enough for a 25 man on your server? Bring your battle tag buddies along!

/Flex will use the LFR style loot system so that each individual will get a chance at loot, as well as it will have a separate lockout than LFR or Normal/Heroic raids. Giving you the opportunity to participate in all three.

Players will see loot gear levels between that of LFR and Normal. Adding a new tier of Item level to the game. This gives casual raiders a new option to raid. If you don’t have enough for a 25 man raid, but more than enough for a 10 man, /Flex raiding will allow you to take your whole raid team in for the fun.

For More information refer to the Blizzard post listed in source below.

Source: Blizzard Blog

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