Episode 23: Minor Explosions may occur.



Getting Extremely High Latency [Blizzard forums – US]

A beginer friendly Wow [Blizzard Forums – US]

Nostalgia [ Blizzard Forums – US]

Starter Account Paid Services.[Blizzard Forums – US] (discuss our point of view)

The Starter Edition Challenge! [Legracen Discusses starting a trial account and what he learned and challenges listeners!]

Death Race 2013! [Blizzard Forums]

 Whiney Room Topics:

Everyone wants to be a Special SnowFlake [Big Bear Butt Blog]

Note: I wrote about “Dealing with Special Snowflakes in a blog post on the WoW Life Coach- perhaps we can discuss strategies for dealing with people in game who think this way?? WoW Life Coach – Dealing with “Special Snowflakes”

Unending Breath [Blizzard Forums – US]

Lore Topics:

DarkSpear Islands [Wowpedia]

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