The TrialMan Challenge!

I hereby challenge all fellow wow players to run 10 calendar days of Starter Edition! (Note: you can do this on your main account but must follow the same limitations of a starter edition below)

This is to give yourself a fresh perspective on the game. View the game as a total noob. Start a class and or race you don’t normally play.  treat it as your only toon, and account on any day you play it.  This means if you play on monday, that is one calendar day, the next day won’t start until you log in again. so you can play your main again on tues as long as you don’t log into the starter toon.  link below was limitations.

Forums are setup HERE  to post your end of the day results.  Please post screenshots of your character tab and any achieves you have. (looking for a addon to help with this. Let me know if you have one!)

Starter Edition Limitations