Episode 26: The Whiney Isle


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5.4 Timeless Isle and Seige of Orgrimar. <Discussion about it’s impact on our playtime>

Rolling Resarts on a friday? <US General Forums>

Free Garrosh! <US General Forums>

Gnome Hunter! <US General Forums>

Pandaren Female Warrior Tank <US General Forums>

       (Sticky) BlizzCon 2013 – Shape the WoW Art Panel

<SPOILER> Garrosh’s Death <SPOILER>

    Alliance Version

    Horde Version

Stoppies!!!!! <Stopcast>

World Torunament of Podcast Epicness.


Whiney Room Topics:

THEY TOOK OUR MOBS!!!! <southpark voice, Trying to farm elites on the Timeless Isle>

WoW’s Learning Curve <US General Forums>


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