Valve to release PC Operating system tailored for gaming!

Today Valve announce the pending release of the Steam OS. A Linux based operating system with Steam integrated for living room PCs.

They are claiming to have improved graphic performance, opted to make it more usable for gaming on the tv in your living room. Their release statement also points out input and audio performance increases they are working on as well before the release.

This operating system will be Free. That’s right FREE as in, it only costs you the bandwidth to download, and the media to burn it on for the install disc! It appears that Valve’s bitterness at Microsoft for Windows 8 has come to a head.

This is a big step for Linux gaming as a whole.More importantly this also means that the previously discussed “Steam Box” gaming console may yet be a supped up pc rig running Linux!

For more information visit the link to their press release here:

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