Episode 27: Manabrownies with Psyence



Visual Guide to the World of Warcraft <Blizzard Blog>

Release Date for the Warcraft Movie <@warcraft tweet>

Gender <Us Forums – General Discussions>

What is your favorite Helm? <us forums – General discussion>

Meeting Wow Players IRL <us forums – general discussion>

So where is Oceania? < oceanic forums – general discussion>

Confused < eu forums – general>Here is a link to Battle.net

advice on Identifying Phishing Schemes and SMS Protect

Addon Spotlight: Reforging and gear optimization addons <Wow insider Article>

Here are the addon’s that were mentioned in the show:

Adibags – Bags organizer
Blood Hound 2 – Minimap (crafting)
GladiatorlosSA – Verbal cues for PvP

Whiney Room Topics:

Enough! Let hunters loot pet kills <us Forums – general discussion>

Bring Oceanic servers to Australia < oceanic forums – general discussion>

Vanilla WoW Players – Don’t you miss the difficulty? <eu forums – general>

Rose Tinted Glasses <eu forums – general>


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