Blizzcon Opening news anouncements!

(This is a quick recap anouncement, more detailed articles to come.)

Blizzard started off the ceremony with a video praising the chance for the Blizzard employees to connect with the community.

Mike Morheim Started off with a speach welcoming everyone to the Blizzard “Family”. This is the 7th Blizzcon this year.

Diablo 3 x-pack gets rid of AH, and fixes the loot system!

World of Warcraft: Morheim teased us with upcoming information without making any real announcements.

Warcraft movie: The director and screenplay writers will be on hand to tell us all about the movie!

Heros of the Storm announced with video pre-view. We saw Kerrigan, both as Ghost and Queen of Blades, Reanor, Arthas, Diablo, and Tyrial battle it out in the cinematic. We saw a video of alpha game play. Beta Signups for this game go live today!

Hearthstone: Went over the very beginnings of the game. Rob Pardo announced open beta of hearthstone next month “But in Blizzard speak, that might mean in January” – Rob Pardo. The card announced.   Ranked play mode announced. Golden Heros to be unlock-able. Phone Version of the app announced! Android announced!!!!

Rob Pardo talked about the Warcaft Movie.
Rob also asked about several memories, including apologizing for Blizzard epic screw ups in the past.

Chris Metzen takes the stage to announce the next stage of World of Warcraft.  Where is Warcraft going? “The conflict to come, i believe will be the alliance’s finest hour.” – Chris Metzen. Warlords of Draenor announced!!!! Level cap 100. New world. Boost to 90. Draenor is back as it once was!

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