Episode 30: Strumpetting in Blizzcon!



Warlords of Draenor < US general Forums >

    MMO-Chapion News Article

Why is everyone leaving? <US General Forums >

    Gamespot article on subscriber numbers (3 days ago)

In regards to Player Housing < Us general Forums >

         Information on RuneScape Player Housing

Request: Blood Elf Shamans for Expack < US general Forums >
Blizz should thank the oQueue inventor < US General Forums >
Blink 182 closing act for Blizzcon < EU general forums >
Goblin city ………… please! < EU genrel Forums> (Troll posting)

Stop Blizzcon! < EU general forums >

Suggestion: Transmog < EU PTR Forums >

Legendary Mount < US PTR Forums >


BLIZZZZZZCON 2013!!!!!! (this might take awhile)


Whiney Room Topics:

What an angry game? < US general forums>

The No Headless Horseman Mount Club < US General Forums >

Leveling and dungeons are disgrace < EU general Forums >


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