Warlords of Draenor!

Chris Metzen announced the next World of Warcraft expansion this morning on the main stage at Blizzcon. All of the theories floating around over the past week were right: the next expansion is called Warlords of Draenor.

Here’s what we know so far:
Level cap will be increased to 100.
New world to explore: Draenor.
“Build and upgrade your garrison” – hint at player/guild housing.
New and improved character models.
New 5 man dungeons & new raids.
A new world PvP zone.
New quests, items, enemies and all of that fun stuff.
And… boost to 90 and play immediately?

The level boost made quite a stir on Twitter when it was announced, but now we have a little more clarification on it. If you buy the expansion, you get the ability to boost ONE character to level 90. It’s a one-time feature, not a pay-to-win type of thing and makes it easier for players to return who haven’t played in a few years.

More to come throughout the day!

Garrisons are not just player housing but an entire base of your own creation. You build your own home, integrated within the world and can add farms, armories, stables and workshops. You’ll be able to recruit followers to your base to craft for you and send off on dungeon missions. They’ll expand over three tiers, allowing you to grow your garrison over time. There will be support for offline progression as well – you’ll be able to have your NPCs complete missions while you’re offline and collect the loot when you get back into game. Another feature of the garrison? You’ll be able to put trophies from your conquests (heads of bossess etc) up in your town hall. You’ll be able to place buildings and features where you please within your garrison. Each building will give you different perks and bonuses. Rank 2 inns will allow you to recruit new followers to work within your garrison. You’ll be able to recruit tank/healer/DPS followers to send on different types of dungeon missions. NPC followers start at level 90 and level to 100 over time. They are also upgradeable: you can equip them with new gear and increase their item level to make them stronger.

Draenor is set in the past. We will explore the world of the orcs, before it was shattered into what we now know as Outland. 7 zones. The Alliance home city will be Karabor (what we now know as Black Temple) in Shadowmoon Valley and the Horde will liberate and control an ogre citadel in Frostfire Ridge.

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