What’s Next for World of Warcraft panel recap!

Super quick recap of some of the information we were presented with in the What’s Next panel… so much information in such a short period of time!

PvP changes:

  • Introducing battleground reward bags. Can include honor, items, BoE gear, etc.
  • Introducing battleground scores. Tells you how well you’re doing based on healing/damage, objectives completed and deaths/kills – takes it all into account in one score.
  • Introducing Trial of the Gladiator – new arena queue system, available for a limited time period every day. All arena titles/mounts will be earned through this system. Consolidates queues, prevents win trading. Tournament realm rules. Can only enter in PvP gear.
  • Regular arena queues will still exist to gain conquest and to have fun.
  • New world PvP zone! Ashran, located near the Dark Portal.
    Will be reminiscent of old Alterac Valley. Includes faction bases and objectives to complete. It will use cross-realm technology to balance faction populations and make the zone an all-out Horde vs Alliance war.


  1. Existing raid difficulties will now all use the flex system. Scaling LFR (10-25 players), scaling normal (10-25 players) and scaling heroic (10-25 players.)
  2. Introducing a new raid difficulty: mythic. Mythic raids will be firmly set at 20 players. These will be tough, placed above existing heroic modes in difficulty.
  3. Tons of new dungeons, both normal and heroic. (Auchindoun, Arakkoa Spires, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, Iron Barracks.)
  4. Raids: Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry will be available at release. Highmaul must be completed first. 16 bosses between the two. More raids to be ungated as the expansion progresses.
  5. Challenge mode dungeons will continue in WoD.

The talent system will remain the same, with a new tier of talents added at level 100.

NO MORE CLUTTERED BAGS! In WoD, we’ll be able to craft directly from our banks. Quest items will no longer be stored in our bags. All “toy” items will go into a new tab, alongside pets and mounts. Also in a new tab alongside those things? Heirlooms! Finally, they’ll truly be account wide and implemented into the UI. We’ll also be able to designate bags to be used for specific things: one for vendor trash, one for consumables, one for gear, one for herbs etc.

NEW CHARACTER MODELS! All of the existing old character models are getting a redesign to look more sleek and realistic. So far, we’ve only seen the redesigned male orcs, male gnomes and male dwarves but they all look fantastic, especially when compared to their old counterparts.

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