Episode 32: Haf Stomped Gnomes



Beast Mastery spec is for girls… What? (US – WoW General)

Why are gnomes underplayed? (EU – WoW General)


Bring Back the Night Part 3 (Blue post) (EU – WoW General)

Mythic 20s, a discussion from leadership PoV (US – WoW Raiding and Guild Leadership)

WoW – Social Addon (china only) (MMO-Champion)

CrossRealm Raid Browser in 5.4.2 (Wowhead)


Whiney Room Topics:

Immersion (US – Wow General)

Ok, we need to have a talk fem dranei. (US – WoW General)

Remove the character cap per realm please! NOW!(EU – WoW General)


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