Episode 33: Kingdom of Laughter


Topic 1: Undercity Needs to be REMOVED from the game <US General Forums>

This first post was buried from “Tåylorswift” Illidan -” Every time I have to go to Undercity for whatever purpose it may be, I feel like gouging my eyes out with an icepick. I mean really… it’s like the most annoying-est maze ever conceived by man. I keep finding myself going in circles … round and round and round and ROUND …trying to find the exit just to escape from that hell hole.”

Blue response : Rygarius “What’s wrong with Undercity? You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. “ For those who need a link, this is the song: Hotel California by The Eagles

 Topic 2: <Hot Topic!!> Blizzard suffers from Denial of Service attacks post holidays!

 Topic 3: Whats your favorite and least favorite zone? <EU General Forums>

 Topic 4: I never laugh <EU General Forums>

 Topic 5: Standard UI needs updating <EU General Forums>

 Topic 6: Guilds What are they for? <EU General Forums>

 Topic 7: How much would you pay for a boost to level 90? <WoW Insider>

 Topic 8: Humans versus Horde – racial topic <EU General Forums> [player plays on a pvp server EMFH = Every man for himself WOTF = Wrath of the Forsaken UD= Undead]

 Topic 9: Blizzard update on dangerous Trojan <WoW Insider>

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