Episode 34: Iron Skyreaver Dragon-Turtle, Wha?


<Alice> Blizzard Announces pre-purchase of WoD coming soon! <Discuss>

              WoW Archivist: WoW in China, an uncensored history

<Legracen>  WTF is dragonturtle. <US General forums> <Discuss>

D&D Monster Manual Definition.

           Image http://imgur.com/gQlYkBE

<Alice> ILVL Abuse <Oceanic General Forums> <SoapBox>

<Legracen> It’s time for 3rd talent specialization <EU General Forums> <Whiny Room>

<Alice> Bring Elites back into the world!<EU General Forums> <Whiny Room>

  1. Notamoose @RuehlenJonathan

    1. please talk about the new warcraft flying mount now avaible for purchase thru the ingame store!  <Wow Insider Article> http://wow.joystiq.com/2014/01/16/iron-skyreaver-mount-makes-an-early-appearance-on-several-realms/

    2. Official Announcement

<Natanie> The noodle cart <EU General Forums> <TROLOLOLOL>
<Picture in the post> http://i.imgur.com/wbxWrze.jpg

<Alice>Kicked for being an Australian rogue. <Oceanic General Forums> <SoapBox>

<Natanie> You are questing wrong! <US General Forums> <Whiny Room>

<Legracen> New Warlords of Draenor info coming on 6th of February<EU General Forums> <News>

<Natanie> Peter Hollens WOW Medley <Oceanic General Forums> <Discuss>

<Video> http://youtu.be/oXquxaHT2V8

<Legracen> Free Transfers and 1 Faction Servers <US General Forums> <Whiny Room>

<Alice> Conspiracy Theory! <US General Forums> <Discuss>
<Natanie> Which Class Will You Boost To 90? <US General Forums> <Discuss>

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