Episode 35: OMG Becky! Blizzard is working on wow!



Legracen – 1. This is a joke, Right? – Another shop button? (Part 1) <EU General Forums> [WhineyRoom] + [Discuss]

Blue Response  Picture Linked in post

Saragosa – 2. Allow Marriage in WoW Not Onley as RP <US PTR Forums> [Discuss]

Immanis – 3. [Suggestion] Togglable ‘Show Shoulderpads’ in WoD <EU General Forums> [Discuss]

Legracen’s Warlock

Saragosa – 4. Pay-2-Win <US General Forums> [Discuss]

Immanis – 5. Patch 5.4.7 ptr Patch notes released <WoW News> <Legracen Checking it out in PTR> [News]

Legracen – 6: April Fool Event please <US General Forums> [Discuss]

Immanis – 7. Will I be expected to buy a LvL 90 Char every time? <EU General Forums> [WhineyRoom]+[Discuss]

Saragosa – 8. Stop…ramming…pvp…down…my…throat!!! <US General Forums> [WhineyRoom]+[Soapbox]+[Discuss]

Legracen – 9. Blizzard’s First Official Infographic. <WoW- EU news> [News]

Saragosa – 10. Not worth it <Oceanic General Forums> [WhineyRoom]


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