Episode 36: It’s a WhineyRoom After all.



huolon exploiting <US General> [WhineyRoom]

Best race/class combonations? <US General> [Discuss]

Racial armor. <EU General> [Discuss]

Wow 3rd quarter earnings call <MMO-Champion> [News]+[Discuss]

You reward quitters, but what about loyals? <EU General> [Discuss]

“The Ring” <EU General> [Discuss]

Classic realm(s)? <EU General> [Discuss]

Blizzard Store for Non-Digital Products Reopens <WoWhead> [News]

Bad experience while questing: Whos wrong ? <US General> [Discuss]+[Soapbox]

Jewelcraft, the forgotten profession <PTR General> [Discuss]

War reverts have to go! <PTR General> [WhineyRoom]

I am getting so damn tired of being kicked. < US General> [WhineyRoom]

Why Does Gear look Worst? <US General> [WhineyRoom]

How much gold do you have on you? <US General> [Discuss]

Is this a violation? <US General> [Discuss]

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