Episode 37: /Silly dot dot dot /Popcorn dot dot dot



Legracen: Suggestion: A Blast from the Past <US General>[Discuss]

Mazzlu: If you could be a npc… <US General>[Discuss]

Legracen: The new models faces are not the “final” faces <EU General>[Discuss]

Mazzlu: PvP is NOT a mini game. <US General>[WhineyRoom]

Legracen: Soooo.. With the Updated Character Models? <US General>[Discuss]

Sara: Remove Guild Perks. <EU General>[WhineyRoom]

Legracen: Timeless Isle sucks! <US General>[WhineyRoom]

Sara: Names you can’t believe you got <US General>[Discuss]

Sara: Draenei salutes are disrespectful. <US General>[WhineyRoom]

Legracen: Artcraft—Daughter of Draenor <US WoW News>[News][Discuss]

Sara: “Not everything needs to be 5 cents” <US General>[WhineyRoom][Discuss]

Legracen: : Wow on linux <EU General>[Discuss](May be only Legracen on this one and may not do it)

Mazzlu: Lack of flight paths <EU Gemeral>[WhineyRoom][Discuss]

Sara: Mana-users can’t go OOM <EU General>[Discuss]

Mazzlu: Don’t forget to have fun . . . <US General> [Discuss]


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