Episode 39: Slow Down, and Boost to 90.



<Legracen> So… I decided to do it.. (US General Forums)[SoapBox][Discuss]

<Krhainos> Why play Alliance? (US General Forums)[Discuss]

<Sara> Poll: RNG gearing or points-based gearing? (WoW-Insider)[Discuss]

<Sara> Level 90 boost greed (EU General Forums)[WhineyRoom]

<Legracen> Pre-purchase Warlords of Draenor™ Now and Get a Level-90 Character Boost (Blizzard Blog)[News]

<Sara> Why There Will be No Flying (WoD) (US General Forums)[SoapBox][Discuss]

<Legracen> Siege of Orgrimmar – Normal and Heroic Cross-Realm Raids Enabled (MMO-Champion)[NEWS]

<Krhainos> Challenge mode dungeons GOLD for those without 120k~ (EU General Forums)[Discuss]

<Sara> The city problem. (EU General Forums)[WhineyRoom][Discuss]

<Krhainos> why do people think wrath was the best expac (US General Forums)[Discuss]

<Legracen> Are they really re-doing orgrimmar again? (US General Forums)[Discuss]

<Legracen> Angry Birds: Warcraft? (Dave Kosak Twitter)[Discuss]


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