Episode 40: There was no internet in B.C.



<Sara> 60+ level problem (EU General Forums)[WhineyRoom][Discuss]

<Nev> How can you dislike Garrosh ? (US General Forums)[Trololol][Discuss]

<Alice> Call him Mr Raider, call him Mr Wrong, call him insanse (EU General Forums)[Trolololol]

Original Song The link in the post:

<Nev> What expansion did you join? (US General Forums)[Discussion]

<Sara> Wat does “Dooker” mean?! (EU General Forums)[Discuss]

Hozen Language Wiki

<Legracen> I’m level 90! (US General Forums)[Trolololol]

<Nev> Aussie thread of Aussieness (US General Forums)[Trololol][Discuss]

<Alice> LFM for short survey – Master level university paper (EU General Forums)[Discuss]

Survery Link

<Legracen> life after a realm merger (US General Forums)[Discuss]

<Sara> Superstitions.. (EU General Forums)[Discuss]

<Legracen> Make the game HARD again (US general Forums)[WhineyRoom][Discuss]

<Sara> New Art Etas (Twitter)[News][Discuss]

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