Warlords Class Changes?! Ability Pruning?!

This evening, shortly after the announcement of Warlords of Draenor alpha testing, Rygarius let loose a whole whack of patch notes for 6.0. There’s tons of information in his post – 33 whole pages, in fact! I figured I would cut it down a little and cover the class changes for you guys. :)

So, what’s new? In general, abilities will be learned at different levels than what we’re used to in order to make leveling flow smoother. Hopefully, this will mean that tanks have more effective threat generation at lower levels and also that you have more ways to pew pew while leveling.

Let’s dive right in! These are all of the abilities being pruned in Warlords of Draenor. Brace yourselves, there’s a lot.

Death Knight:
Removed: Unholy Frenzy, Master of Ghouls.
General: Horn of winter no longer generates runic power, now lasts for 1 hour. Necrotic Strike only for Frost and Unholy.
Frost: Dual wield now only available in Frost spec. Obliterate replaces Blood Strike. Frost Strike replaces Death Coil.
Blood: Army of the Dead only available for Blood, does 75% less damage. Rune Strike replaces Death Coil.
Unholy: Raise dead only available in Unholy.

Removed: Enrage removed. Innervate removed. Nourish removed. Symbiosis removed. Mangle removed in cat form, remains for bear form. Swipe removed in bear form, remains for cat form.
General: Shred is now available in all specs.

Removed: Hunter’s Mark removed. Distracting Shot removed. Lock and Load removed. Lynx Rush removed. Rapid Fire removed. Rapid Recuperation removed. Serpent Sting removed. Widow Venom removed. Aspect of the Hawk removed.
Marksmanship: Arcane Shot removed for MM. Thrill of the Hunt now reduces the cost of Aimed Shot.
Survival: Kill Shot removed for Survival.
Pets: Mend Pet & Revive Pet now share one button. Cower removed as a pet ability. Rabid removed as a pet ability.

Removed: Pyromaniac removed. Mana Gem removed.
Frost: Blizzard only available in Frost. Frost Armor now passive, only available to Frost. Deep Freeze only available in Frost. Shatter only available in Frost. Ice Lance replaces Fire Blast, only available in Frost.
Fire: Combustion replaces Deep Freeze. Dragon’s Breath replaces Cone of Cold. Flamestrike only available in Fire. Molten Armor now passive, only available to Fire.
Arcane: Arcane Barrage replaces Fire Blast. Arcane Blast replaces Frostfire Bolt. Arcane Explosion only available in Arcane. Mage Armor now passive, only available to Arcane.

Removed: Avert Harm removed. Clash removed. Adaptation removed. Power Guard removed. Healing Sphere spell removed – but Gift of the Serpent, Afterlife and Gift of the Ox still summon healing spheres.
General: Surging Mist available in all specs, but only generates Chi for MW monks.
Windwalker: Disable only available in WW.
Mistweaver: Stance of the Fierce Tiger replaced with Stance of the Spirited Crane.
Brewmaster: Stance of the Fierce Tiger replaced with Stance of the Sturdy Ox.

Removed: Hand of Salvation removed. Inquisition removed. Holy Light removed. Divine Plea removed.
General: Divine Light renamed Holy Light.
Retribution: Avenging Wrath only available for Retribution.
Protection: Devotion Aura no longer available for Protection. Guardian of Ancient Kings only available for Protection.

Removed: Hymn of Hope removed. Rapture removed. Void Shift removed. Inner Fire removed. Inner Will removed.
General: Inner Focus no longer provides mana cost reduction. Greater Heal renamed Heal.
Shadow: Binding Heal no longer available in Shadow. Shadow Word: Death only available in Shadow.
Holy: Renew only available in Holy.

Removed: Shadow Blades removed. Disarm Trap removed.
Combat: Rupture no longer available in Combat.

Removed: Ancestral Awakening removed. Healing Wave removed. Rockbiter Weapon removed. Static Shock removed. Stormlash Totem removed. Searing Flames removed.
General: Greater Healing Wave renamed Healing Wave. Feral Spirit no longer has Spirit Bite ability. Stormstrike and Stormblast deal 30% more damage with Lightning Shield active. Flametongue Weapon damage increased by 40%. Lava Lash increased to 280% weapon damage.
Restoration: Flametongue Weapon no longer available in Resto. Healing Tide Totem only available in Resto. Lava Burst replaces Primal Strike. Water Shield only available in Resto, replaces Lightning Shield.
Enhancement: Frostbrand Weapon only available in Enhance.  Magma Totem only available in Enhance.
Elemental: Lava Burst replaces Primal Strike.

Removed: Drain Soul removed. Fel Flame removed. Metamorphosis: Carrion Swarm removed. Metamorphosis: Void Ray removed. Pyroclasm removed. Soulshatter removed.
General: All Soulburn effects learned together with Soulburn instead of at various levels. Curse of Exhaustion and Curse of Elements will affect all enemies within 10 yards of target. Fire and Brimstone no longer applies to Curses. Drain Life no longer benefits from Soulburn. Curses no longer benefit from Soulburn. Unending Breath no longer benefits from Soulburn.
Affliction: Seed of Corruption replaces Rain of Fire for Affliction.

Removed: Berserker Stance removed. Skull Banner removed. Demoralizing Banner removed. Throw removed. Cleave removed.
General: Battle Shout lasts 1 hour, generates no rage. Commanding shout lasts 1 hour, generates no rage. Berserker Rage no longer generates rage or increases physical damage dealt. Hamstring is now passive – causes Mortal Strike, Revenge, Bloodthirst, and Raging Blow to reduce target’s movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds.
Protection: Rallying Cry no longer available in Prot.
Arms: Recklessness now available only to Fury and Arms.
Fury: Thunder Clap no longer available in Fury. Whirlwind only available in Fury. Recklessness now available only to Fury and Arms.

Whew! That’s a whole lot of changes! Bear in mind that these are all just preliminary changes. We will definitely see some of these things altered slightly before Warlords and we may see more things added/removed. Personally, I’m happy about a lot of them – certainly some things I’m glad to see go and some changes I’m happy to see in certain specs. How about you?

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