Warlords of Draenor 6.0 Patch-notes Summary

Okay folks. Today Blizzard dropped a bombshell! Patch 6.0 notes have been laid down. This post is a quick summary and there will be many more posts going into the many separate sections. Please bare with us as we try to go through and summarize all of this information into more digestible mini segments.

  • Stat Squish is happening! Character and Enemy stats are all being leveled out, spikes caused by no longer relevant raid tiers are being smoothed out.
  • Level 100 Talents added, as well as 9 new perks from level 91-99.
  • Garrisons!
  • Agility, Strength and Intellect have been balanced
  • Expertise and Hit… GONE!
  • Healing has been reworked. Sorry healers, you have to do more thinking on the fly now.
  • Racials have been retooled and balanced more.
  • Class abilities… have met the pruning shears
  • Crowd control has met the compactor in order to reduce it in pvp
  • Common buffs and debuffs have been combined or removed, redundant and dundant sat on a boat….
  • Glyph sellers beware, players now learn certain important glyphs automagically!
  • Instant healing… gone! Just kidding, but it has been reduced.
  • Vengeance… gone. It is now Resolve and does not increase outgoing damage, it only increases self-heals and absorption for the tanks.
  • Stop looking at the boss! That’s right, facing requirements of spells and abilities have been loosened or removed!
  • Resurrecting after a wipe now takes less mana!
  • Profession combat perks, GONE!
  • Plus many, many class changes!

That’s the quick and dirty summary. Stay tuned for more detailed posts on the many sections!

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