Episode 42: THE answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything :)



<Immanis> make love not warcraft (US General Forums)[Discuss][Trolololol]

<Alice> Games Should Grow: WoW Needs Writers (US General)[WhineyRoom]

<Legracen> I Hate The Timeless Isle (US General) [WhineyRoom]

<Alice> Casual Player does not = Bad Player (US General) [WhineyRoom][Discuss]

<Legracen> Sometimes… (US General) [Discuss]

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<Immanis> Cryptoxic tell ya all “Adopt A Panda Today!” (US General) [TROLOLOLOL]

<Legracen> About to start (Oceanic General) [Discuss][NOOOOB]

<Alice> dying WoW (eu general) [WhineyRoom]

<Legracen> 1000 days played! (EU General)[Discuss]

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