Episode 43: Who Let the Trolls out? Amijad AmiAmiAmijade!



<Alice> I WANT THE FULL WOW EXPERIANCE *finished* (US-General)[Discuss]

<Legracen> Angry Horde make me grin ear to ear. (US General)[Trololol][News][Discuss]

Make your Vote.

<AmiJade> 100% valor buff…..the same weekend….. (US General)[Trolololol]

<AmiJade> Adopt A Night Elf Today! (US General)[Trolololol]

<alice> So yeah, looking to transfer (US General) [Discuss]

<Amijade> Justifying character transfer fee (US General)[Discuss]

<legracen> What is PDT. (Oceanic General)[Trololol]


<legracen> Why remove gear and items from the game? (Oceanic General)[Discuss]

<alice> Vol’jin is never actually going to be the warchief. (EU General)[Trololol]


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