Episode 46: Pantless Podcasting


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<Legracen> Glow around targets WoD [EU General Forums] {Whiney Room}{Discuss}

<Sara> Incentive to be in a guild post Mists (US General Forums) {Discuss}

<Alice> WOD and Wildstar (US General Forums) {Discuss}

<Ward> CM GOLD thrown into Black Market AH in WoD? [US General Forums]{WhineyRoom}

<Meagan> Older Mob Models (US General Forums) {Discuss}

<Alice> blizzard is spreading themselves too thinly [EU General Forums] {Discuss}

<Meagan> Warlords of DraenorSpeed of content release (US General Forums) {Discuss}

<Ward> Warlords of Draenor (US General Forums) {Discuss}

<Sara> Is anyone getting less and less excited? [US General Forums]{Discussion}


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Ward – @WardisaTwit

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