Episode 47: The portal moves to the Great White North AKA Canada



<Legracen> Mages or warlocks? [EU General](Discuss)

<Alice> Run… [US General Forums](Discussion)

<Kyran> Loot other players currency? [US General](Discuss)

Link to Wowhead  http://wod.wowhead.com/spell=161733/ashran-wilderness

Link to Wowpedia http://wowpedia.org/Ashran#Artifact_Fragments

Ballad of the Noob

<Legracen> BEST wow content? [US General](Discuss)

<Kyran> Names for a gnome warrior [EU General](Discuss)

<breaking news> Undead Male on the blizzard 3d modeler. [world of warcraft .com]

<Cameron> New Idea – Character Dungeon Points [EU General](Discuss)

<Alice>Artcraft Post [US General Forums](Discussion)

Alpha Female Trolls

Alpha Models

original troll female artwork

<Alice> Warlords new druid form shown [WowHead] (Discuss)(News)


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