Episode 48: The Portal Rumbles Again


This is Legracen’s Farewell (for now) from the show.


Topics: huh? *Scooby Doo head tilt*

{1} Reasons to be Human? [US General Forums](Discuss)

{2} Does matiniance always happen [US General Forums](Whiney Room)

{3} If you had to date an NPC [US General Forums] (Trolololol)

{4} Robin Williams Has An In-Game Genie NPC[Wowhead General Forums] (News)

{5} Another expansion, still no Gnome Hunters  [US General Forums](Whiney Room) <Redacted by Blizzard>

{6} To Do List to prep for WoD Anyone?  [US General Forums](Discuss)

{7}warlock green fire to complete it patch 5.4 [Oceanic General Forums](Discuss)

{8}What happens when World of Warcraft ends? [US General Forums] (Discuss)


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