Episode 49: A whiny spoiler portal



<Moogyver> Prep for episode 50 [CPP Blog]{News}{Discussion}

<Moogyver> HORDE Challenge Mode runs(free) [EU General]{Discuss}{News}

<Alice> So, when is WOW going to be available on Xbox [US General] {Discuss}

<Valiane> Latency QQ + real oceanic server discussion [Oceanic General]{WhineyRoom}

<Moogyver> Semi Toxic PvP Community [Oceanic General]{WhineyRoom}

<Valiane> Horde needs a cat race.  [US General]{TROLOLOL}

<Alice> Heirloom Vendor Change in Patch 6.0.2 [US General][Blue-Post] {News} {Discuss}

<Alice> How to pay for game time secretly? [US General] {Discussion}

<Moogyver> In Your Opinion, Define: “MS>OS” [US Raid and Guild Leadership]{Discussion}

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