Episode 50: Meet new friends and then PvP ‘em



<Moo> No more Synapse Springs. [US General Forums] {WhineyRoom}

<Alice>Yak mount what does it do now?  [US General Forums] {Discuss}

<Kym> [Updated] Complete 3v3 Comp List [US PvP>Arena Forums] {Discuss}

<Moo> WoW up to 7.4 Million Subscribers?  [EU Gameplay General Forums ] {Discuss}

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<Kym> You should consider lower WoD Price  [US General Forums] {WhineyRoom}{Discuss}

<Moo>Dragons and what would be cool [US General forums] {Discuss}

<Kym>Save the Blood Elves! [US General Forums] {Discuss}

<Alice> Are people in the top wow guilds losers IRL? [US General Forums] {Trololol}

E-mails & Tweet Questions:

  1. Greendye (@warrior_tank)  Break out the Brewfest booze, insult the old raid bosses, and fly a Cloud Serpent into the SW cathedral.
  2. ; Bamshackle (@bamshackle) by mind controlling people into lava! Just like 1.0 days!
  3. Sevan (@Sevan_pdx) Two belf chicks at the same time,
  4. Alejandro Alonso (@AlejandroAB426) trying to figure out why I must do all world events yet again…now for toys..
  5. @Eojsworld get drunk and sneak in and pee on the kings throne
  6. @ohgoditsranor Sacrifice Dagger and delete, prolly.
  7. @Rastailian #My10YearsofWoW will be spent playing this amazing game we love, and honoring a freshly fallen friend.
  8. @RizeUpTWulf Best way to celebrate the 10 year anniversary? Returning the game to its roots for a few weeks. The way it used to be.
  9. @LorewalkerMazlu PARTY AT BLIZZCON!!!
  10. @Hasteur Get Really drunk. Hasteur

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