Episode 53: Who Else would you ask? A Mage?




<Moo> how do you xmog your toon? [Legracen Twitter] {discuss}

<Miss Mulgra> Thank you Blizzard! [EU General Forums] {Discuss}

<Legracen> Gathering professions are useless [US General Forums] {WhineyRoom}

<Miss Mulgra> How far Have you leveled so far in the Expansion? {Discuss}

<Legracen> What if we could join the opposing faction? [US General Forums] {Discuss}

<Moo> Next xpac Pirates plz [US General Forums] {Discuss}


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<Alice> Please remove Proveing Grounds Requirement! [US General Forums] {WhineyRoom}

<Miss Mulgra> Starting zones in WoD [WoWHead Guide] {Discuss}

<Alice> E-mail!!!


E-mails & Tweet Questions:


“Hi Saragosa and Moogyver,


I’m sure you get loads of emails so I’ll keep this short.


As a veteran Word of Warcraft player (9+ years), designer and total geek I’ve created The Periodic Table of WoW to celebrate the 10 year anniversary.


Link: http://www.gowin.co.uk/world-of-warcraft-periodic-table/


As a keen World of Warcraft player and enthusiast yourself, I thought you and your readers would appreciate it.


Thanks, I’d love to hear what you think!


Best regards,

Stu McMillan

a.k.a “Mhortuk of Magtheridon (EU)””

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