Episode 54: We are altoholics!



<Moo> breaking news Death Knight Creation Change

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<Moo> WoD Is Getting Boring At An Alarming Rate [EU General Forums] {Whiney Room} {Discuss}

<Alice> Casual mount collecting, is it worth it? [US Achievements Forum ] {Discuss}

<Bane> Have you started on alts? Alts and garrisons [discussion amongst the hosts] {Discuss} GOOD!

<Bane> Flying in draenor asap plz [EU General Forums] {Discuss}

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<Alice> How Do You Make Friends In This Game? [US General Forums] {Discuss}

<Bane> Paladin only garrasion guard [US General Forums] {Discuss}

<Moo> Force players to read the Dungeon Journal [US General Forums] {Whiney Room}

<Moo> Race to world first Highmaul clear [wowprogress.com] {News}

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