Episode 61: Curveball of the Pack, Dazed and trolled.



Timewalking coming in 6.2!

<Legracen> New Blog seeking writters [Family Gamerz]{Discussion}

<Leeta> “There’s nothing to do!” [US General Forums]{Discussion}

<Legracen> Am I a bad friend for this? [US General Forums]{Discussion}

<Moo> I’m still waiting… [EU General Forums]{TROLOLOLOL}

<Legracen> Skada [Curse.com]{Wow Addon}


<Leeta> Aspect of pack used cuz u need or to annoy? [EU General Forums]{Discussion}

<Moo> Universal Pushes ‘Warcraft’ and ‘Pacific Rim 2′ Back Into Summer Season [Slash Film]{Discussion}{NEWS}


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