Episode 62: We’ve got Mail! World of Spreadsheets! or World of Altcraft?



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<Alice> BlizzCon® 2015 Contests—Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Preparations! [US Blizzcon Blog] {News}

<Marconin > Dear Blizzard [EU General Forums]{Discuss}

<Moogyver> Daisemiin [Email from Listener] {Discuss}

<Alice> add a setting to control day and night.[US General Forums]{WhineyRoom}

<Legracen> Patch 6.2 Preview—Bonus Events and Adventure Guide [US Battle.net Blog] {News}

Overwolf Wowhead Post –http://www.wowhead.com/forums&topic=246948/wow-head-in-game-app-by-overwolf

<Legracen> Should you love your character you play? [US General Forums]{Discuss}

<Marconin > Simple way to make players better! [US General Forums]{Trololol}


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