Episode 64: The topic that shall not be named!



<Moo> The Boost [US General Forums] {WhineyRoom}

<Alice> “Beastly” Khadgar’s Servant [EU General Forums] {Discuss}

<Khrainos>Most Epic questline yet (Thunder Pass) [US General Forums]{Discuss}

WowHead Quest Link

<Alice> LIVE World of Warcraft Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas (Delayed until 13/6) [NEWS]{Discuss}

Q&A Bingo Cards

<Moo>Merge the factions together [US General forums]{WhineyRoom}

<Khrainos> Jernmand: First 1-100 Warlords Iron Man Victor  [WoW Challenges Site]{Discuss}

<Moo> Remove restrictions from toys. [EU General Forums] {WhineyRoom}


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