Episode 65: The Exodar used to be a Disco and Cows with Guns?



<Alice> FFXIV players imitating WoW gameplay for fun [US General Forums] {Discuss}


<Moo> Ghostcrawler (blue post) [US General discussion] {Discus}

<Moo> Airstrip and airforce to garrison [EU General Forums] {Discuss}

<Alice> Is WoW dying? [US New and Returning Player Help and Guides]

<Alice> Be Prepared: Things You Should Do Before 6.2 [Wowhead News Post] {News}

Track your progress:   http://www.wowhead.com/flying


Would you use a Blizzard version of Game Face HD to put your face on your WoW avatars? Suitably photoshopped to fit the Blizzard art style and skin tone of your elf, orc or um, ok maybe not your Tauren.

Imagine the selfie cam with this feature.


How to submit suggestions to Blizzard

<Moo> We paid for it, Frizzard![EU General Discussion] {TROLOLOL}

<Alice> If the poster above you was an NPC. [EU General Forums] {Discuss}


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