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<Legracen> Remake Starting Zones [US General Forums] {Discuss}

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<Moo> Warcraft Movie CCon non-reveal/leaked footage discussion. (Suggestion by Moo. no specific post)

<Beverly> Connected realms – half a year later [EU General Forums] {Discuss}

<Moo>Does anyone WANT Yearly expansions? [US General Forums]{Discuss}

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From Alisaunder

Crazy pointless speculation entertains me as a lore and history buff who has read way too many comic books.

Blizzard really likes Grommash dying in heroic ways but Times Change.

There is no Thrall in Azeroth 2, but what if Grom helps us fight some boss who dies in a fiery explosion, Thrall steps in, saves his old friend Grom from fiery doom, takes him back to Azeroth and let’s him lead the orcs alongside War Chief Vol’jin.

The orcs currently have no leader but Thrall. Saurfang might be holding down the fort but Thrall is the Earth Warder, he doesn’t want the job.

Another interesting though vastly unlikely concept is that Y’Rel makes peace with the orcs and Grom, and as a gesture of that peace goes off to help the orcs, bringing the dranei into the Horde.

I believe Blizzard has enough problems balancing classes so will never add any others, and is unlikely to add new races due to the work involved in setting up armor for them, home cities and so on.

So the next best thing is to let us play a race we have, but on the other faction. Far less work but a bonus for players.

What race the Alliance would get, umm, goblins maybe? Led over by the Trade Princess?

This adds two more strong, faction leading female characters to WoW and everyone agrees that is needed.

A really long stretch, but in the words of Jon Jagger, Why the hell not.


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