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E-mails & Tweet Questions:


In the dev presentation and website they said before the Legion shows up, the world will be on fire, Horde and Alliance will be fighting each other and we have to save the last hope.

Why are the Horde and Alliance fighting?

No idea but it could be Angry Jaina went and nuked the Horde or something equally stupid.

Or it might be that Greymane and Sylvanas kick the Battle for Gilneas into high gear. Since that was my expansion prediction I lean towards it.

It could simply mean PvP will be in Legion but we expect that.

The other question is, what last hope?

It sounds like a person so is it Anduin? the dranei? Thrall? Illidan? A naaru?

Closing the portals won’t actually stop the Legion, just wall them off while they bring more and more world’s into the Legion armies.

We can only destroy them permanently by invading the Nether and I say let’s do this.




From Alisaunder

I’m glad I asked about what Legendary you would like, considering what was announced.

But I have to disagree a bit. The old style Legendary was a monumental,  epic achievement and memorable when that lucky person finished it.

But the next week that person would take the week off if they didn’t quit the game entirely.

Since that player was usually the best we had, I can’t say we gained anything from it really, but the memory lasts longer than a piece of loot so maybe we did.


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