Episode 70: Confess…and a /Punt



<Alice> Who do you want to see killing Thrall ? [EU General Forums] {TROLOLOL}]

<Legracen> Horde’s architecture [US General Forums] {Discuss}

<Jango> i want to hug gnomes [US General Forums] {Discuss}

<Legracen> Confession Time [US General Forums] {Discuss}

<Alice> Altoholic Advice [US General Forums] {Discuss}

<Jango> Randomised reroll Guild for Legion [EU General Forums]{Discuss}

<Legracen> So if there is one Burning Legion… [US General Forums] {Discuss}

E-mails & Tweet Questions:

From Alisaunder

From Twitter on 2015-09-17

@PatKrane You still play WoW?

@theslickrock I do, but unfortunately play time is limited right now and MMOs take an investment. Too busy trying to be a good son. :)


Do you think WoW should, or could, become more of a casual game, with Content delivered in short bursts instead of long grinds, hour long queu times,  repetitive mechanics designed to slow progress and of course, no flying?

The initial levelling process takes a few weeks to complete, leaving months of max level content in the form of gearing up and raiding.  Raid fights seem to be quite long, up to 20 minutes plus trash pulls. Would a boss be more fun to you or be more challenging if the fight were faster paced and half the time?

What would a challenging yet less time intensive WoW be like and would you want it to change?

( end here if you like )

Ways down time could be reduced include:

A mobile app could reduce time spent in gearing up by offering a quick mobile version of a scenario or dungeon similar to Diablo perhaps. Or (not being serious) let us play Diablo or Heroes for our gear either in the form of drops or tokens earned.

Queu times could be drastically reduced by eliminating the tank / heals / dps model for the scenario model.

Travel time could be reduced with a compact,  well designed base camp and flight or NPC’S provided portals to the bank, transmog, repair guys and daily hubs.


From  Alisaunder

Alice. You asked if having two level 100 alts makes you lazy even though you have nearly zero percent questing done outside Shadow moon Valley.

Just how did you level these two? Herbalism? Mining? XP missions? Treasures? Pet battles?

I wouldn”t say you or anyone is lazy however you achieved level 100 but if you did level entirely through the garrison mines, garden and table it is the easiest levelling the game has ever had and a relief after levelling 5 the questing way to finish the last two in the garrison.  My last is at 94 and levelling casually via the table for now. I might do some treasures but there’s not much point to hurrying her anywhere.

I have a bank alt I’m levelling via fishing and cooking dailies and a druid through pet battles. I kind of like that we can play in different ways. As many alts as I have, i need that variety.

WoW is a game and shouldn’t be work.


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