Episode 71: Grand Theft Dalaran!



<Legracen> Blizz Store needs cooler mounts [US General]

Make Tyraels Charger available! (Should exclusive mounts be available for sale?) [US General]

<Moo> What a long strange trip its been (Crithto leaving)  [US General] {discuss}]

<Legracen>. What else to do in Anaheim? (BLIZZCON) [US General]

<MOO> Old Gun Noises! [US General]

<Legracen> Account sharing? (Why is it bad) [US General]

Eu GM team on the ban

E-mails & Tweet Questions:

From Alisaunder

A lot of things that happened in Warlords were never explained and never will be, like how Khadgar knows things he can’t know, how Gul’dan knows, the beard, the demons reliving events yet making the same mistakes, Grom suddenly being best buds with us all once Archimonde is banished.

It is bad storytelling,  which is astonishing to me because the storytelling was so good in Warlords from 90 to 99.9999.

The dranei recon that was referred to was Chris Metzen ‘ s original story of the dranei in one of the books of Lore lying around classic WoW wherein dranei were a conquering space race.

When BC rolled around he forgot that and made them into what we see today and later admitted he had forgotten the original write up.


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