Episode 74: MUHAHAHAHA, Was that a little over the top?



<Legracen> Apology for WoD [US General Forums] {WhineyRoom}

<Alice> Your take on Dwarf Druids. (Not a Request) [US General Forums] {Discuss}

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E-mails & Tweet Questions:

1) From Alisaunder,

Now that we know you can get demons to swear loyalty to you by killing the guy they are currently sworn to, should we be building up our own army rather than killing them all?

How cool would THAT be for the final fight of Legion.

2) From Alisaunder.

I think Blizzard COULD put out an expansion every year or close to it, if they would stop trying to reinvent the game every time.

They didnt like Professions so redid them from scratch in Warlords, and are doing it again now. It wasnt broken, till they “fixed” it.

Levelling wasnt broken but now we will be able to level up in four zones in two weeks. We are encouraged to rush through to the end game and that is another mistake.

Classes werent broken, rarely are broken, but are constantly getting a complete overhaul rather than a few tweaks which is what is usually needed.

The item squish was mishandled, and next expansion they’ll have to redo that, again, because they couldnt stop being addicted to that vertical curve.

Things that really do need changed like updated character models could be tied to no particular expansion, just worked on and when ready slotted into the next years expansion rather than be a feature that might hold it back because its not done.

Raids, dungeons, quests, art and terrain I think would make up the bulk of content of a new expansion, being literally where you go and what you do, and they can space that content out a little more, easily, instead of rapid firing it at us lest we get bored when half of all raiders havent even finished Heroic or Normal when the next raid comes out. Reuse some old art or interesting raid mechanics like gun ship which will enhance the feeling of a story in progress.

I’m not a developer, but I have played this game a long time and Blizzard doesnt seem to change. I think they get bored with the game faster than we do because they are living it for so long, and lose their creative spark. Then they get a crazy cool idea and that does energize them, but it is a major change and takes time.

Many of their changes ARE good ones. Dont get me wrong.

But deliberately building Demon Hunters to be completely OP out of the gate, and make every other class jealous, just means Blizzard is going to have to go in and retune Demon Hunters down, up, down, up down until they get are nerfed enough nobody wants to play one and three expansions later are finally tuned more or less with everyone else.

Its just a waste of their time to not do it right the first time, especially when this is not the first time theyve done it.


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