Episode 75: Baby needs new shoes?



<Moo>We need gear dyes like Diablo III [US General forums] {discussion} Wowhead Your Quest Wardrobe http://legion.wowhead.com/wardrobe

<Alice>Please add this to the Toy Box[US General] {Post Type}

<Moo> Idea to optimise inventories [EU General] {Post Type}

<Alice> New Air Jordan XXX transmog?  [US Transmogrification] {Post Type}

Reference: https://www.air-jordan.com/

Moo’s Suggestion: http://kikizo.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/bttf-nike-mag-2011.jpg

<Alice> Gear restrictions need to end [US Tanking] {Post Type}

<Moo> Punt a Gnome Day! [US General] {Post Type}

<Moo> does anyone here only play 1 character? [US General  {Post Type}


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