Episode 82: What do you mean you are re-doing the skeleton models??? There GOES A RAID TIER!!



<Moo> The Legion Returns August 30 [Battle.net News] psst. We have a sounder for this 😛

<plug for> Con before the storm kickstarter [Community news] (sounder for this too)

<Belle> What to do before the Legion Pre-Patch [Wowhead] Legion Wardrobe Addon

<Alice>  I found a skelly [US General Forums] Image  Wowhead:  Field Guide to the Skeletons of Azeroth

<Alice>Warcraft movie graphic Novel [IGN]


<Moo> New Toys – Old Items Converting to Toys [Wowhead Guide]


E-mails & Tweet Questions:

From Alisaunder

Alice, don’t talk down to and belittle players who like different content than you do. Different play styles, where players traveled the world not avoid it with flight and teleport ing straight into a raid or dungeon.

I never liked the horror show of Cataclysm and would enjoy living in an unbroken world with my favorite npcs still alive not dying tragically in my arms.

Don’t make assumptions to paint those players as black when you don’t know why they want a Vanilla or Burning Crusade world.

I don’t want the broken mechanics and summoning water mechanics. I want the lore, the drunk gnome engineer in Dark shore. The near that waits by the road to save his Master.

I want a world of adventure to explore again not a dying broken world.

Grayson’s suggestion of the world shifting phase to Cata content once you reach lvl 60 or 70 is perfect compromise.


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