Episode 86: Jaina is a Dreadlord!



<Casey> Can’t do artifact quest. Hated by Moonglade. [EU General Forums] {Discuss}

<Jason> A Message from Chris Metzen [US General FOrums[ {Discuss}

<Jason> Cool Things Found in game [Me Myself and I] {Discuss}

<Casey> Hunting…. errr… Running of the Gnomes! [Redit] {Discuss} – OCT 15th



<Casey> EMail #1

From Alisaunder

Legion has been great. The amount of story available is interesting and intense. Dramatic and best of all could last for months getting through all 36 artifact quests.

I finished the Assassin Rogue artifact  most recently and found myself really enjoying the spec and engaged in the story more than I ever expected.

These quests give us the opportunity to see the many sides of war, and civil war, that I wanted to see. I’m neck deep in immersion, tearing up frequently thanks to the cinematics.

I’m playing WoW as much as possible,  but I don’t feel a need to play Legion every second, partially because the hodgepodge of systems to get started and lack of documentation or guidance is making it confusing and difficult to sort out how to progress or where I need to be. And also I go run old raids and dungeons for transmog while I catch my breath, think about the most recent story twist or lore revelation.

I now have so much gear that I can solo the chess in Karazhan, outlasting a UI glitch I’ve never been able to overcome that locks me into the king throughout the entire encounter.

Legion is a bit like Cataclysm in that the world is being changed, except that it’s not. I can still enjoy the old content while the new is updating it, or updating my head canon. I don’t know if the events of Darkshire will stay if I go back, like Theramore or be normal.

It’s a great trick.

I’m really not in a hurry, except that I am likely going to run into spoilers in the next week or two. That fear may be my worst grumble right now. Especially being a part of three of the biggest guild networks in WoW. The potential for one person to spoiler all over guild chat has already happened at least once.

I often listen to Terran Gregory stream on Twitch and he talks about creating the cinematics for Legion and the long history of playing WoW in a spoiler free fashion. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever watched play.

A lot of my fears about Legion have so far not born out. Some have but after waiting ten months for Varian and Tirion to die, I finally have closure and can move on. Almost. I need to finish grinding my 9 remaining 100s through Broken Shores over the next year or so.

And I’m excited that I will actually have new content for that long in the form of artifact quests. It’s a good sign and a great time to be playing WoW.


  • Alisaunder


<Jason> Email #2

From Alisaunder

I’m going to really miss Chris Metzen. He’s always been the heart of Blizzard and it’s Steve Jobs. There are qualified, talented people who have produced great things in the Warcraft storyline but Chris always felt like the Well of Eternity gushing content and inspiration for others to piggy back on.

BUT. I also think that Metzen created his ideas in Warcraft 2 and 3, and we’ve been recycling them ever since rather than creating new heroes and places and storylines.

Garrosh was new, and Yrel but the Burning Legion has invaded four times now? We’ve been to Draenor twice. Fought many Bosses two or three times.

Mists was largely new content but pandas were not.

So with Chris Metzen retiring, there is a chance for something NEW story wise.

Taking the Arcatraz out to explore the galaxy maybe or that sailing expansion people keep asking for.

New races, bosses, planets.

Or the Blizzard team might mine the Compendium he wrote  for the next decade, with Azshara, the Void Lords, Old Gods, Elemental Lords

But in 4 or 6 years , we’ll see.


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