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From Alisaunder


Going through Val’Sharah again it strikes me that we, the defenders of Azeroth, have let pride pave the way to most of our current downfalls from the losses of the Broken Shore to the druids and Ysera who didnt think it worth mentioning to anyone else that there might be a big problem and they needed help.


Then all of them put their own local concerns ahead of the dying Cenarius to the extent that some of them died, and all of it took time Cenarius didnt have. Then Malfurion only makes a bad situation worse with his own personal grief and pursuit of vengeance, leading to wasted time, energy, and more tragedy.


Legion is very much a study in how we react to war in realistic, all too fallable ways.


I missed Velen’s decision, it apparently comes several minutes after the apparent end of the encounter in the Exodar so most people teleport out before it comes, but his reaction to the crisis saddens me, though should have been obvious.


It makes this expansion more interesting for me to see the story told this way. I like being heroic and saving people, like the ashmane cub I have, but I am so impressed with the Val’Sharah storyline.


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