Episode 102 : What the Argus?!



<Casey> Senior Audio Director and Lead Composer Russell “Hordeland” Brower Leaves Blizzard [WoWHead News] {news}

 -> Russell Brower on IMDB

<Jason> Your white whale mount?  [US General Forums] {Discuss}

<Matt> Have Human Druids ever existed? [US General Forums] {Discuss}

<Jason> How can you play 1 character only ?  [US General Forums] {Discuss}


E-mails & Tweet Questions:

From Alisaunder

The Big Bad of every expansion is always defeated by a major figure, and a group of adventurers. Who do you think the major figure will be?

Velen certainly has a claim.

Illidan is destined to do something important.

Azshara too.




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