Blizzcon 2017 Prediction letter from Alisaunder

From Alisaunder  


Illidan will attempt to bind his immortal demon soul to that of Sargeras and devour or control him. If devour, he will explode, taking Sargeras with him, fulfilling the destiny he chose. If he can control Sargeras he will do that instead. ( I wrote this before I heard rumors similar to it and don’t know but it sounds like I was close maybe )


Kul’Tiras will be the end of expansion filler content, coming 4 months after Antorus goes live in order to avoid the end of expansion drought. Featuring gated quest content, naval mission scenarios, RNG based grinding, nautical themed transmog and another new currency.


Upon returning from the Twisting Nether we will find ourselves in Warcraft 2.0, The secret project. The entire game will be remade, with new code, new quests, set twenty years in the future. Warcraft I will cease to exist. The game will log out on a Tuesday and when you log in after the restart everyone will be in Warcraft 2.0. We will never fly again. Flying mounts can be set to Favorite and appear as the Flightmaster or whistle mount.


A new group of islands will rise from the ocean in order to avoid an underwater zone. The entrance to the city under the ocean will be entered via mage portals for similar reasons.


Tentacles will attach themselves to the World Tree at Darnassus and climb up it. The tree is already corrupted and has been since the first night elf quests but the corruption and satyr presence will expand.


Playable Naga. The Naga that served Illidan will now have allegiance to no one, and join the Alliance rather than return to Queen Azshara. Vrykul will join the Horde.


Old God minions such as the insects in AQ will be among the things we will be fighting. The insects will attack the Titan facility in Uldum, or try to, so that they can crack open the planet and free the Old Gods.


The Elemental Lords will turn on us again, providing World Bosses to kill off. Those still in world from Cataclysm over in Ashenvale, Westfall and Darkshire will be among them, much like the Sha of Anger.


Ethereals will be among the Old God forces, plundering Titan facilities and arcane repositories as usual.


The troll remnants will turn to the Old Gods for power or at least use the turmoil they cause to try to summon a new strange creature from the void to worship as a loa, leading to a troll raid. Vol’Jin will in visions, guide the Horde against them or give a warning.


There is a rumor of the Titan Keepers getting together and Odyn is an ass so there may be strife but their job is containing the Old Gods and fighting them and they will do that, by hiring us to yank their fat out of the fire.


Sylvanas will fight a renewed Gilneas as Genn attempts to retake the city. His son, Liam, now Forsaken, will be involved in the questing.


Velen will come back to Azeroth and keep living in the wreck of the Exodar rather than rebuild Argus because it is the past and Azeroth the future, and because he’s an idiot. He will also not predict any of the upcoming disasters because he never does.


Turalyon will settle in as Uther to Anduin’s Varian, providing him experience and teaching while Alleria will be spending time with Sylvanas comparing notes about the void. I dont think this couple is long for this world.


I think Alleria and Turalyon will be the Khadgar of the next expansion, one for each faction, and it will bring more of the Horde vs Alliance struggle back as the Old Gods are never an in your face enemy. They lurk in deep places working through others and you go to them.  


Sylvanas and all of the Forsaken speak of a Dark Lady [ watching over us ]. It’s not Sylvanas as she says it too, so a Void Elune? We might find Sylvanas is already Void Touched from her second death at Icecrown Citadel, and find out more about the Dark Lady she seems to look towards.


The Classic Games Team will announce Warcraft III Remastered either this year or next.


An app similar to the Blizzard Starcraft app will come out in 2018 for OverWatch or Heroes of the Storm.


OverWatch will preview an upcoming character from South America. Possibly with sonic powers.

Heroes of the Storm will announce the Deathwing Family. Neltharion, Nefarion and Onyxia as a bundle. Deathwing will be The actual map. At some point during the year, a Death Knight character will be added to the Nexus as there is every class but them there already. Likely it will be Saurfang Jr.


Starcraft will announce new co-op stuff and Neeb will win BlizzCon Starcraft Tournament 4-2.




Stat squish. Crazy I know.


New Inscription Buff Type: Tattoos.


In the second or third raid of the expansion, we will fight Bolvar who has been influencing Sylvanas and the death knights, freeing her again from his control. She will take the helmet and his remaining valkyrie for her own.


A new SWOTOR like Light or Dark mechanic for the expansion and depending on where we are on the scale, heal spells may do damage instead. Damage spells may add a healing effect or proc a healing touch onto players. Other unique abilities would be available at certain points such as at -25% to -75% Darkness, you might be granted a permanent damage buff. At -25% to +25% a player might run faster and jump further. No matter where on the scale, you get something good. Customization options would unlock too like red eyes, scars, evil looking beards or something.


The new Blizzard mobile game will be a Pokemon style Warcraft simulator with battle pets and hostile mobs overlaying the real world, along with venders, resurrection angels, loot chests and quest givers. Many, many “boars” will be slain.


I think there will be a new Halaa style city somewhere, probably a revamped, purified Southshore, for factions to control for a limited time similar to the Wintergrasp model. Maybe for a few hours,  maybe for a day or a week to allow it’s use as a PvE quest hub to lure the PvE types into trying a little PvP.