Episode 107: Weekend Before the Con!




<Dravvie> For Lordaeron![US General Forums]{Discuss}

<Jason> Gnome Paladins [US General Forums]{Discuss}

<Casey>Who else recently fell into the Mac’Aree Hole?[US GENERAL FORUMS]{TROLL}

<Jason> I unsubbed [EU General Forums]{Discuss}(This is always a problem at the end of an expansion)

<Dravvie>  Make WoW really open world? [EU General Forums] {Discuss}

<Casey> Trying to be positive [EU General Forums] {Discuss}


E-mails & Tweet Questions:


Mementh: I have a serious question, i see alot of people saying in the gnomerun “for the tatas” “for the boobies” I feel thats disrespectful and it should be something like “for those affected” Do you see it as bad? or see it as they have the heart in the right place but a bit.. Creepy?




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